Link Love Sunday


Link Love Sunday | Add A Little
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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with delicious food (insta link hrere) and spending time with their loved ones! I can’t believe 2015 is right around the corner – keep an eye out for the round up I’ll do!

This peanut cashew stew looks amazing!

I need this detox salad filled with good stuff!

And this kale salad with tamari toasted seeds and pear dressing.

Really want to try out kasha, maybe this recipe with caramelised onions and mushrooms is for me?

This ginger and wild mushroom soba is a perfect quick lunch idea.

As do these sweet potato falafel.

Filled curried acorn squash – so satisfying!

Drooling over this toasted sesame ginger salmon. Wow.

This roasted squash and bitter greens salad calls my name.

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