Link Love Sunday

Link Love Sunday | Add A Little
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It’s the HOLIDAY! Excitement is arising, people! Lots of cooking (and art) to be done! And, look at that house above – so dreamy!
Here are my favourite links from the interweb this week!

These meatballs with a sticky pomegranate glaze needs to be made ASAP!

You know how much I love green smoothies!

This grapefruit, avocado and salmon salad is right up my street!

I love this warming spiced vegan lentil soup!

This tasty roast potato quinoa salad looks awesome!

This cauliflower chickpea soup looks SO creamy!

Tuna tartare on nori chips – what more could I want?

So intrigued by this magic mushroom powder!

This Thai chicken cashew salad looks perfect for lunch!

This beet quinoa salad is beautiful!

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