Link Love Sunday

Link Love Sunday | Add A Little

You will never guess what happened this week: possibly the worst news for a food blogger. My oven broke! I’m so sad because there were so many things I was planning to make (vegan quiche holla) but I guess that will have to wait! In saying that, I’m glad it’s spring because I guess I won’t have to rely on roasting everything! But I do finally have a recipe coming up on Tuesday (hooray!)

Here are my fave links from the week!

Love the look of this flatbread and exciting news!

I love the styling of all these tomato recipes!

What’s not to like about this spring vegetable salad with a tahini dressing?

This thai pea soup is so fresh yet creamy!

These mango spring rolls!

This cocagne bean and artichoke salad looks perfect for a picnic!

This avocado pesto sounds so intriguing!

These baked salmon meatballs with a creamy avocado sauce sound so good!

This salad is everything!

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