Link Love Sunday

Link Love Sunday | Add A Little

So our friends recently came from Japan and brought us SO. MANY. GOODIES. Like I can’t really handle the amount of mochi and osembe we have, so I’ll be in the kitchen hibernating with all the food if you need me!
Have a great bank holiday weekend friends!

This orange dal looks super comforting!

These black bean plantain burgers look insane!

This simple grilled chicken with a snow pea rice salad looks like the perfect mid-week meal.

This miso roasted eggplant salad – drooling.

This healthy bowl with tahini dressing looks like my ideal lunch!

Another spin on the dish is this black rice with roasted pumpkin version- delicious!

This chunky Mediterranean eggplant dip would make the best snack!

The peanut ginger sauce just makes this cauliflower rice salad!

The time has finally come!!

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