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Wow I’ve actually had a really productive week and time is flying SO fast! I literally can’t even believe that I end school in a week and a half ahhh major panic do-I-have-all-of-my-books?! (probably sounding like a major dork). But hopefully I can semi relax in the midst of all my books to read! Also, I will be having ALOT more vlogs for those of you that are interested – I’m thinking of linking them here each week so you can check them out?

I really would like a bowl like this!

These stuffed peppers – the ultimate summer dinner!

This sweetcorn and radish salad is the perfect summer dish!

This Thai citrus crunch salad is everything I want and MORE.

Is buckwheat the new quinoa? I love the look of this buckwheat soup!

These need to be made ASAP.

The vegetable butcher is my new favourite column on The Kitchn – here’s one on celery root!

This pasta salad with grilled asparagus and nectarine sounds perfect for a picnic!

Also loving these grilled baby potatoes with a herby dressing.

YES to this grilled polenta with artichokes, tomatoes and pesto!

Tadashi’s grilled tomatoes look hella fine!

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3 thoughts on “Link Love Sundays

  1. You made me chuckle when you said is buckwheat the new quinoa… I used to eat it as a child at least once a week (I grew up in Poland) and absolutely love it. So much so, I think there are 5 or 6 buckwheat recipes in my soon-to-be-release cookbook. Great in salads, with stews and in… desserts! Yummo! And yes, those GKS bowls. Love.

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