Review: C Press Juice

Review: C Press Juice | Add A Little

I love a good fresh juice, especially in the summer, and I actually LOVE vegetable juices (yes I’m aware that that’s weird!)but I find it so hard to find vegetable or green juices that aren’t 99% apple! C Press is a  juice bar that specialises in cold pressed juices – this means they are not pasteurised and a million times better for you because the nutrients are still kept in (most shop bought brands tend to be pasteurised and also full of sugar – boo!)

They are also organic and certified by the Soil Association so you know that all the ingredients are going to be of the best quality!

Review: C Press Juice | Add A Little

I got a takeaway but the interior is quite small but simple and I love the wooden walls.

Review: C Press Juice | Add A Little

First up is the Green Angel juice (£8.50) and I must say I felt like one of Charlie’s Angel’s after this! This was the most hardcore juice – filled with greens, no fruit and chlorella – an algae rich in antioxidants. I’m a major green juice fan but I’m not a big fan of chlorella! Luckily, this didn’t taste too strongly of chlorella so I didn’t mind it but I preferred the green juice without the extra superfood bonus!

Review: C Press Juice | Add A Little

Farmer’s market (£6.50) was one of my favourites – it’s fully green but I love that and I love how the slight sweetness and freshness of the vegetables come through, as well as the warm and sweet ginger! However, for a first time green juicer, I would recommend Farmer’s Market with Apple (£6.50) as its got all the benefits of a green juice but with added sweetness of apple.

Review: C Press Juice | Add A Little

If anyone’s looking for a sweet juice, the Prime Number (£6.50) is the one for you! The sweetness of the fruit really comes through, especially the orange and pineapple, and almost tastes like you’re eating a lollipop! Also, the colour of this is phenomenal – so vibrant!

Review: C Press Juice | Add A Little

This Charged Up (£6.50) juice was also great for those looking for a sweeter juice, but it’s not too sweet! Obviously, the sweetness of the pineapple and orange came through but the turmeric gave a really lovely depth of flavour which I really enjoyed (and it’s great for the anti inflammatory benefits)!

Review: C Press Juice | Add A Little

Now onto the food –  I got a salad called Spring Greens (£5.75) that was filled with sweet potato and quinoa falafel and greens.  The only downside is its got a very soft texture but that’s due to it obviously not being fried. The salad itself was a whole bunch of greens like kale, peppery rocket, broccoli, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, avocado and goji berries that came with the most amazing dressing (definitely recreating this!) – I could literally drink this stuff because it was so creamy and rich! It’s a miso cashew dressing that brought the whole salad together – absolute perfection! I would definitely get this again!

Review: C Press Juice | Add A Little

I also got a side of kale chips (£3.75) which are always good! This was the original cheezy flavour that were lovely and crisp and I really liked the addition of pepper which give a slight heat! Very addictive!

C Press is a great place to go, whether you are looking for a healthy lunch (everything is vegan and gluten free), quick snack or a plethora or jucies, smoothies and nut mylks!

C Press
Adress: 285 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9PZ
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:00 – 22:00, Sunday: 8:00 – 20:00


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