Duane Hanson at the Serpentine Gallery

Duane Hanson | Add A Little

Didn’t mean to catch you unattended!

Duane Hanson | Add A Little

Today’s post is going to be about the wonderful Duane Hanson exhibition at the Serpentine gallery (…if you hadn’t realised from the title)!

I’m a big lover of the Serpentine and always think they curate wonderful exhibitions, but I’ve never actually been to the gallery on the other side of the river. Although I always knew there was another gallery, I could never quite work out where it was! But when I heard there was a Duane Hanson exhibition, it was my mission to find it.

Duane Hanson | Add A Little

If you’ve never heard of Duane Hanson, he’s an American artists and hyperrealistic sculptor who was around in the 1970’s, although I feel like his sculptures look so modern for his time. And yes, I did say sculpture. Feel free to scroll back up and look in awe.

Duane Hanson | Add A Little

As soon as I walked in I was speechless – the amount of detail and intricacy on each subject was incredible!

Duane Hanson | Add A Little Duane Hanson | Add A Little Duane Hanson | Add A Little

Seriously, just look at the detail of each curl in the hair and the expressions on the faces are so life like –  I felt like I’d actually just met a new person with each sculpture that I passed.

Duane Hanson | Add A Little

Hanson reminds me of an exhibition I went to a few years ago in Paris of Ron Mueck. If any of you are familiar with him, I’m sure you’ll love his work.
I highly recommend this exhibition if you can get to it (sorry non English friends!) as it’s worth heading down for!



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