Link Love Sunday

Link Love Sunday | Add A Little

So if you’ve been following my adventures on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll know that I’m in a super exciting location! If you haven’t you may have to wait till this weeks lifestyle post to find out 😉 Although I love it here, I have been overheating a ton so anything cold is screaming out to me (the amount of water I’ve drunk and then sweated out 5 seconds later is insane haha!)
Here are my faves of the week!

Yes please to this raw pad thai! (pictured)

This quinoa, black bean and mango salsa looks incredible!

These cabbage wedges with corn and a spicy vinaigrette look like the perfect summer side.

This seared tuna tataki is so fancy!

This chipotle vegan caesar with cauliflower steaks looks like an awesome meal!

The prettiest open faced sandwiches I ever did see!

This smoky roasted eggplant and socca sounds like the ideal meal!

Love this cold noodle and vegetable salad with ponzu sauce for a great lunch idea!

These portobello florentine’s are a great twist on the classic!


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