Review: JuiceBaby

Review: Juicebaby | Add A Little

I’ve found a new fantastic lunch spot for you all! I know its called JuiceBaby, but they have SO much more to offer!

Review: Juicebaby | Add A Little

First of all, the interior is so cute! I love how they have comfy sofas and the sun shines whilst they rest of it has quite a rustic feel and plants dotted around that makes it feel super homely.

Review: Juicebaby | Add A Little

I first tried some of the best seller juices, as you can see from the packaging, they are all raw, cold pressed and organic, so it ticks all the boxes. My favourite was definitely the Green Glow (I adore green juices, but if you’re not the biggest fan, they also have a green juice with apple for a touch of sweetness!) – I found the juice super smooth and easy to drink and love the fact that they use seasonal greens.

The next juice, Spicy Immunity, was something a bit different. Unlike any other juice before but it was so refreshing! As you drink it, you get the sweet pineapple flavour that envelopes your mouth, and then you get the hint of cayenne which warms your throat. This is definitely one to try!

The Doctor Carotene and Candy Beets were both great: they were much sweeter than the other two, so perfect for people who are new to juices. They both feature fantastic ingredients that I adore (and the colours are so vibrant)!

Review: Juicebaby | Add A Little

Next up was probably the hardest – choosing which salad I wanted to eat! They have such an amazing range and one thing I really love about Juicebaby is that they really put effort into the food. I find that some places focus solely on juices and might have a few snacks or a sad looking pot of zoodles, but here, you’ll find raw taco bowls or falafel bowls. After much consideration, I opted for their Rainbow Buddha Bowl. It was a very generous portion of steamed kale, quinoa, grated beets and carrots, arame, avocado and a miso dressing. Quite a mouthful and so delicious!
I love how they make the most of the fresh ingredients and create something that tastes so good (and is so nourishing for your body!)

Review: Juicebaby | Add A Little

Ofcourse I couldn’t stop by without trying something off their breakfast menu so I tried out one of their smoothies and a chia pot.

This smoothie was amazing – I got the Iron Man smoothie which is filled with green powders, bananas, pineapple, almond butter and spinach. This is probably one of the best smoothies I’ve had -it was so smooth and the ingredients are fantastic!
The chia pot was made with almond milk, cinnamon cashew cream, and topped with raspberry chia compote, flaked almonds and coconut. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a protein packed breakfast and super creamy and sweet, for me, it was almost like a dessert (not necessarily a bad thing 😉 )!

Review: Juicebaby | Add A Little

They also do a range of sweet treats: all of which are free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar (as is everything there). One of the best sellers is the Caramel Bar and I can see why – the taste and the texture is that of millionaire’s shortbread but about 100 times better!
Unpictured is also their almond milk which they make in house. They have a variety of flavour from cacao to coffee and vanilla, which is the one I opted for. Its naturally sweet and perfect to make oatmeal with to give a lovely creamy and rich texture or even just a glass on its own!

Review: Juicebaby | Add A Little

I really love Juicebaby and I feel like they have captured a really great ethos and are creating wonderful things. I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of their ever growing menu!

Address: 398 Kings Road, SW10 OLJ
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8am-7pm, Sunday: 9am-7pm



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  1. that place looks so great! Would like to spend hours there hahaha. Nice post! Thanks for sharing
    x Bella from

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