Hey I’m Millie!

I’m passionate about healthy cooking and making yourself feel better from inside out.
I’ve always loved food and travelling to try local cuisines from all over the world and this blog has been the perfect creative outlet for me!

Many people may think its boring to eat healthily – they just envision a lifeless bowl of lettuce, but it really is easy to create something delicious and hearty whilst still being good for you – why not try one of my favourite recipes for Green Quinoa Salad, snack on roasted chickpeas or make some cauliflower rice and I’m sure you’ll be converted!

There’s a whole world out there full of beautiful, fresh produce that will make you feel a whole lot better than buying processed food will! You’ll notice a difference in your mood, you’ll have glowing skin and you’ll feel full of energy!

I hope this will inspire me (and you!) to become more creative in the kitchen and hope you’ll support me on my way!

I also started a Youtube Channel for tutorials on how to make healthy recipes and lots of daily vlogs so check it out here!

Thanks for visiting 🙂

I’d love to hear from you, so hit me up on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or e-mail me at addalittlefood@gmail.com or below!



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