Tuna Salad in Chicory Cups

Tuna Salad in Chicory Cups | Add A Little

I hope everyone’s had a good start to the week!

Tuna Salad in Chicory Cups | Add A Little

It’s nearly Super Bowl which means SNACK. If you want to find me, you know I’ll be around the snack table 😉

Tuna Salad in Chicory Cups | Add A Little

These are a super easy and healthy snack to put together – you can make the tuna in advance and just serve it in chicory cups (butter lettuce would also be delicious) before serving!

Tuna Salad in Chicory Cups | Add A Little

Tuna Salad in Chicory Cups dairy free, gluten free
Serves 2

This is a perfect light recipe for a light lunch or snack – the tahini gives it a delicious creaminess whilst the lemon juice and zest lifts the whole dish! Perfect with celery and red peppers too!

1 can tuna in olive oil
Handful of plum tomatoes
1/4 cucumber, finely chopped
2 spring onions, finely chopped
Lemon zest

Chicory, to serve

optional: peppers, courgette, coriander or parsley

Mix the tuna salad ingredients with the tahini dressing.

Serve immediately in chicory cups.

For the dressing
1 tbsp tahini
3 tbsp water
1 tbsp lemon juice
salt and pepper, to taste
Extra virgin olive oil (optional)

Stir the tahini with the water and lemon juice until smooth and creamy.
It may separate at first but keep whisking and it will become smooth!

Tuna Salad in Chicory Cups | Add A Little

Baked Parsnip Chips

Baked Parsnip Chips | Add A Little

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed but….

I’ve now got my own domain name! No longer https://addalittle.wordpress.com, but now http://addalittlefood.com (yes, somebody already took addalittle.com *sad trombone*) But still, wooo parday!

This is super exciting news – I’ve wanted one for ages but took so long to configure but now it’s finally here and it feels unbelievably legit. Like, wow, I’ve got my own website now.

*internal freak out*

Baked Parsnip Chips | Add A Little

Also, I can’t believe Christmas is in 3 days – how?!?!?

2 days left and I’ve bought 1 gift. FAB-U-LOUS. But it’s cool, I’m just going to go to Waterstones and buy every single cookbook on the shelf. Panic averted!

These baked parsnip chips are perfect to serve at a party – I imagine they’d go really well with a beetroot dip, or just plain!

Baked Parsnip Chips | Add A Little

Baked Parsnip Chips vegan, gluten free, dairy free

These are the perfect snack or party appetiser served with dips, crudites and antipasti. Super easy to make and feel free to add other flavours, such as paprika or rosemary!

Parsnips, sliced thinly or with a mandolin
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt

optional: paprika, rosemary

Preheat oven to 160ºC.

Massage parsnips with olive oil and salt and other optional flavourings.

Place in oven for 10-15 minutes (depending how thinly you cut them) and flip them over.

It’s ok if they feel slightly soft when you take them out as they harden as they cool!

Serve right away!

Baked Parsnip Chips | Add A Little

2 Ingredient Flaxseed Crackers (Gluten Free)

2 ingredient Flaxseed Crackers (vegan, gluten free, dairy free) | Add A Little

If you’ve been keeping up to date on my blog, you may know that I’m currently in Tokyo!
I adore travelling and seeing new places and most importantly, trying new foods, BUT one thing I don’t enjoy… plane food. I just find it quite unappetising for some reason and I never feel that hungry anyway, and that’s when snacks come into place!

I always bring a range of fresh fruit and vegetables. Great things to bring are carrots, cherry tomatoes, cherries, blueberries and nuts. I also drink loads of water on the plane as it’s so important to keep hydrated.
I hope I’m not the only one saying that I feel like a raisin coming out the plane (wow, I am great at descriptive writing).

These are basically a super snack. They require only 2 ingredients, they’re gluten free, dairy free, vegan, full of fibre. Seriously, what more could you want! They taste so amazing with hummus or with some cheese (they make the perfect sophisticated party appetiser).

2 ingredient Flaxseed Crackers (vegan, gluten free, dairy free) | Add A Little

Flaxseed Crackers vegan, gluten free, dairy free

1/2 cup milled flaxseeds (I used Linwoods)
1/3 cup water
Pinch of sea salt

optional: oregano, garlic, rosemary, paprika (any dried herbs and spices work nicely!)

note: I use about a 2:1 ratio of flaxseeds to water, but add the water slowly, as you don’t want it too soggy or too dry.

Preheat your oven to 170ºC.

Mix the ingredients and any other optional ingredients.

Spread out as thinly as you can onto baking parchment. I use my fingers, but you can also use  spatula.
You also want to make incisions into them, so they break apart easier when they’re done.

Once spread out, put into a hot oven for 25 minutes. (keep an eye on them at the 20 minute mark).
By this time, they may be dried out enough to separate.

Separate them apart and leave them in the oven for 5-10 minutes extra so they are crisp. Let them cool then store in an airtight container.

2 ingredient Flaxseed Crackers (vegan, gluten free, dairy free) | Add A Little