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Angelica Kitchen Review| Add A Little

Fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever had. Vegan or not, these were bomb.

I know that Angelica Kitchen are famous for their buckwheat pancakes but they didn’t have them that day. Absolute catastrophe.

Wait, let me just rewind for a second.

Saturday in New York. 32 degrees celcius (actually feels like someone has put me in an oven). Walking down the streets ready for brunch and to stuff myself with pancakes. Goes into Angelica Kitchen. No aircon. Literally feels like 50 degrees hotter than outside where the sun is burning my white skin. We sit down and they bring us water. There’s no freaking ice. Lord help me before I melt into an actual puddle on the ground.
But we decide to stay and eat pancakes because brunch is what I came for and I won’t leave without them!

So even with the million degree heat I still loved these pancakes. They were fluffy wholewheat pancakes (for the record, I love love love wholewheat pancakes and the nutty flavour they have) and the best part was the maple tofu whip which had the perfect amount of sweetness.
Definitely a place I’ll be going back to for brunch!
They also have great and reasonable lunch options, such as their dragon bowls and kale salads (ooooh yes)!

Angelica Kitchen
Address: 300 E 12th St, New York, NY 10003, United States
Tel: +1 212-228-2909


Life Philosophy Event

Life Philosophy Event | Add A Little

So here it is! My first lifestyle post!

I had the most amazing start to the weekend going to an event organised by Sports Philosophy and The Life Delight of a yoga and brunch – what better way to start a Saturday morning?

We were greeted in the beautiful Lister House in Wimpole street to start an hours session of relaxing yoga. It was such a beautiful day and the breeze was coming through the windows as we perfected our downward dogs.

The session was a great start the event and got me feeling all stretched out and flexible… not to mention, a tad sleepy after the shavasna? (Please tell me I’m not the only one!)

We then had a quick talk by Claire, from The Life Delight, before heading into the room of all the healthy and delicious food! Also, just a quick side note that brunch is THE BEST.

Life Philosophy Event | Add A Little
After being greeted by the vibrant orange, carrot and fresh turmeric juices, we were shown the table full of food – the best bit in my opinion!

Can you believe that all this amazing food was dairy, gluten and refined sugar free?! Amazing.

Life Philosophy Event | Add A Little

Life Philosophy Event | Add A Little

The egg muffins (forgot to snap a picture!) were filled with the most tender, sweet and caramelised squash and spinach to provide the perfect savoury addition to the table.
Life Philosophy Event | Add A Little

This bircher muesli was so flavourful – I’m super into bircher since the weather has got so much warmer! This was filled with roasted apricots (*heart eye emoji*), almonds, mulberries and coconut flakes!Life Philosophy Event | Add A Little

I literally couldn’t believe this pistachio and honey bread was dairy and gluten free – so tender yet crumbly and jammed with flavour!
Life Philosophy Event | Add A LittleLife Philosophy Event | Add A Little

We were also shown the Sports Philosophy collection in the flesh which was great – we got to try it on and look all sporty!

Life Philosophy Event | Add A Little Life Philosophy Event | Add A Little

It was such a fun event and they’ll be doing this another few times, so make sure to check out their websites to keep up to date with all the events!

I hope you enjoyed this post – let me know what you think down below, I’d love to hear your feedback! 🙂

Sports Philosophy:
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