A City Break: Prague


What a beautiful city – truly, unexpectedly stunning. I don’t know why but in my head it was a city that seemed a bit grey, but I went and was blown away by the gorgeous weather and the beautiful architecture on every corner of the street.

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The city is reminiscent of a toy town, the pastel colours of the curvilinear forms on the facades of the buildings and the gothic churches with the spires interrupting the skyline is truly an amazing sight, especially at the top of the hill around the castle district. The many bridges across the city are beautiful in themselves, with Charles Bridge being a particularly popular one as it is filled with sculptures of saints watching down on you and contrasting against the bright blue sky. Another must see building is St Vitus cathedral – a monumental Gothic church with an intricately decorated facade and the inside is filled with the most wonderful stained glass that leaves you in awe and the rainbow of colour reflects on the cold stone walls.


The Opera house is decorated with a beautiful gold detailing on the roof and theatre is another prominent aspect of the culture. The museums were filled with Czech art as well as an all star cast, featuring Picasso, Klimt and Schiele, which I must admit almost brought me to tears. The standout museum for me was the Prague National Gallery (also called Trade Fair Palace), which showed 19th and 20th century art and currently shows some works by Ai Wei Wei, which runs until 17th January 2018.

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There was a plethora of food options in the city and I wasn’t disappointed once. The stand outs were Bistro 19 which have a daily changing menu of a soup, main and dessert, a special shout out goes to the apple strudel which was wonderful and cinnamon filled (and a bargain for only £1); Sushi Maru which has an amazing eel, avocado and yellowtail roll. My favourite place had to be Cafe Lounge. There was a slight Secession/ Art Nouveau feel in the restaurant with the beautiful font and warm decoration within of brown leather chairs and slightly dimmed yellow lighting. The food was outstanding and really can’t find one fault, I highly recommend the quinoa salad with pomegranates, peppers and lambs lettuce which was fresh and light; marinated aubergine with pecorino, rocket and capers which was a salty delight and the aubergine which melted in your mouth; and the fried cod with chunky fries and homemade tartare sauce, the fish was so tender and the batter was light and fluffy. I’ve also heard great things about Cafe Louvre and of course the famous warm, fluffy, sweet, carby trdelnik.

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Prague is definitely a place where I’ll be back and somewhere I would recommend to anyone for a short city break. Yes, there is a lot of walking on cobbled streets which definitely does make your thighs slightly stiff the next day but it’s 100% worth it for the beautiful views across the river and watching the sun set in the parks dotted around the city.

Scenes from Japan: Nezu Museum & I Met Tom Cruise?!

Scenes from Japan: Nezu Museum & I Met Tom Cruise?! | Add A LittleWhoops… sorry for the lateness! But stay tuned – you’re in for a treat!

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Scenes from Japan: Nezu Museum & I Met Tom Cruise?! | Add A Little

Ok, so please sit down and get a tea (so British, I know) and a snack because this story is about to get long (and exciting).

Scenes from Japan: Nezu Museum & I Met Tom Cruise?! | Add A Little

So it all started as a mission to find  a piece by Ogata Korin in Japan. Pretty much all his works are national treasures and lots are owned by private owners, so to say the least, they’re a bit of a pain to hunt down. BUT I found out that there was a piece, ‘Red and White Plum Blossoms’, in a small sea side town near Tokyo called Atami and I was so ready to go and see it!

So we headed off early in the morning, excited as I was to board my first day trip (from what I can remember) in Japan! An hour and a half later, we arrived in Atami – the sun blazing on us with a slight breeze flowing through our hair (but it wasn’t actually as glamorous as that because I was sweating like a mofo).
Skipping to the number 8 bus stop (not really, but excitement levels were high) I saw a woman putting up a notice.

The skipping stopped.


‘The Museum Of Atami is shut today.’

For reals?


My heart dropped. I was speechless and couldn’t quite fathom what to do.
We walked around the town for a while trying to lift our spirits before coming back home.
Anyway, long story short, it wasn’t even on show anyway since they only show it once a year so I guess it was good that we didn’t go all the way to the museum to be double disappointed!

Scenes from Japan: Nezu Museum & I Met Tom Cruise?! | Add A Little

Now the actual story will begin, because that was a bit of a pre story – ya know, just to prepare you.

Scenes from Japan: Nezu Museum & I Met Tom Cruise?! | Add A Little

A few days later, I found out that there was another piece by Korin in the Nezu Museum in Tokyo, which isn’t too far so I had to snap up the opportunity to go!

The museum is slightly out of the way, about 15 minutes from Omotesando, but it is so worth going as it is so beautiful!

Scenes from Japan: Nezu Museum & I Met Tom Cruise?! | Add A Little

Can we just talk about how beautiful the gardens are? Seriously! It was like a maze and I was overwhelmed by how amazing nature is. I felt so inspired to be there in the calm tranquility.

Scenes from Japan: Nezu Museum & I Met Tom Cruise?! | Add A Little

Scenes from Japan: Nezu Museum & I Met Tom Cruise?! | Add A Little

Wait, time to backtrack slightly. We got there and I was ready to see the piece.

Wait, what?!

You’re not showing it?

It’s only shown for two weeks in February?

I actually can’t believed this happened again. How? HOW?!

I guess it’s just my luck, but I decided to take a quick look around the museum anyway.

I walked into the small and dark exhibition room, the spotlights glisteneing on the gold screens and tiny, intricately painted boxes.

As I walked around looking at the wonderful pieces, there was one thing I had to take a double take on.

One more look, don’t be obvious, I told myself.

I actually couldn’t believe who was in the same room as me.

Tom. Cruise. No body guards. Just him, and his guide.

As if  Tom Cruise would casually just be in this kind of unknown museum looking at the same exhibition as me. WHAT?!

I had to take a breather and look at another piece of art. This was it. I had to talk to him. I mean, it’s not everyday that you meet Tom Cruise.

He walked closer, taking close inspection to the pieces.

I did it. I made conversation. We literally talked about our love for art and I couldn’t quite believe what was happening.

That was amazing! He was so friendly!

I carried on seeing the exhibition and went upstairs to the next rooms.


Woah, he just made conversation with me. Another conversation about art. This was preeetty mental.

I actually can’t believed this happened though. I guess everything happens for a reason and one thing I learnt from this was be courageous and pluck up the courage to do something that you may never be able to do again.
All the best experiences come from doing something you’re scared of.

Scenes from Japan: Nezu Museum & I Met Tom Cruise?! | Add A Little


Scenes from Tokyo

Well I’m back from Japan and it was incredible.

Scenes from Tokyo | Add A Little

I mean, it always is but this time was amazing – I went to so many new places like Meiji Jingumae, Nezu Museum and Atami (a whole story on that coming soon)!

Scenes from Tokyo | Add A Little

After seeing Cynthia’s beautiful photos from her trip to Japan I couldn’t help but show you my experience here too, so I’ve got a series of photos coming up! Today I’m showing you just a few general shots, whilst I’ll also be showing you Meiji Jingumae and Nezu Museum (along with a crazy story). Oh, and I’ll have a video up soon of my time there!


Scenes from Tokyo | Add A Little

Scenes from Tokyo | Add A Little

Scenes from Tokyo | Add A Little Scenes from Tokyo | Add A Little Scenes from Tokyo | Add A Little

Scenes from Tokyo | Add A Little

Scenes from Tokyo | Add A Little Scenes from Tokyo | Add A Little