Happy New Year!

I can’t believe we are so close to the new year – only 2 days left!
Like seriously, where has the time gone? I don’t feel like it should be going this quickly!

I don’t actually have any new years resolutions – it’s not that I don’t stick to them, but I just think that if there’s something you want to better yourself in, why not just start today?

Anyway, I wanted to share my annual favourites with you guys – just a few random things that I want to mention!

Food bloggers


1. Ree, The Pionner Woman: One of the funniest food bloggers out there and her recipes are super easy to follow!

2. Erica, Cannella Vita: Such a genuinely lovely girl with a passion for baking!

3. Izy, Top With Cinnamon: Mouth watering .gifs and beautiful photography for any sweet tooth.

4. Tracy, Shutterbean: Delicious wholesome cooking that makes my mouth water… and she has a mutual love for stripes!

It would be a sin not to add this in as well – Two Red Bowls Bacon Buttermilk Greek Yoghurt Pancakes (what a mouthful!)

Food related favourites

Leon in Spitalfields – they have ping pong tables!

1. Cashew butter and almond butter are my crack – so freakin’ addictive. Just toast some sourdough or walnut bread, spread it liberally, pop some bananas on top and sprinkle cinnamon – perfection! Click here to get your hands on some.

2. Leon Restaurant has always been one of my favourites for fast easy fresh food, much better than getting a greasy take out if you ask me. I love the sweet potato falafels and the Thai green chicken curry – delicious AND nutritious!

3. I had never had a chai tea (not latte version because I’m not a fan of coffee…) till a few months ago but WOW, it tastes of winter in a mouthful! I’ve only tried one brand but it was super tasty.

Other bits and bobs

MUJI candle
Excuse the photo – it was extremely hard to get a photo of the candle!

1. I recently got twitter and totally regret not getting it earlier!

2. I’ve been loving the Jasmine and Olive candle from MUJI, which can be found here! Definitely want to try out Thai Orchid Breeze and Yuzu and Pomelo!

3. Buzzfeed! OBSESSED with this website – I can spend ages on it when I should actually been revising… whoops…

4. The new Arctic Monkeys album. I’ve always been a fan but my oh my this is amazing! Check out ‘Snap Out Of It’.

4. YOU are one of my favourites – Thank you for all your support this year and I wouldn’t have been able to do this whole food blogging think without you!

I hope 2014 will be another great year and thank you for reading!