Homemade Gnocchi


The weather has changed – and not for the better.
Why must this happen? It was 30 degrees last week and now it feels about -100000 degrees. And why does my school insist on putting the air conditioning on like its the bloody arctic? I. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

I’ve been making homemade gnocchi for a while now and it’s actually way easier than you probably think! I wanted to make pasta for ages but we don’t have a pasta maker and all that jazz, so we just had to settle for these little dumplings of joy instead 😛


Am I the only one who feels like an old Italian grandmother doing this?

Homemade Gnocchi dairy free

3 big potatoes
1 medium egg yolk
200g flour, plus extra for clouding the surface
Salt and pepper

Cut up the potatoes into small chunks then boil in salted water until soft (about 15 minutes).

Wait for it to cool then mash it until completely smooth.
Season with a fair amount of salt and pepper.
Add egg yolk and combine.

Add the flour gradually and once it combines, take it out onto floured parchment paper.

Knead until smooths and rolls into about 1cm logs and cut into 1 inch pieces.
To get the gnocchi ‘shape’ push ball of gnocchi onto a fork and roll off it, you will see the lines, which will trap the sauce better.

Boil water and add a few gnocchi at a time (don’t overcrowd the pan)!
You’ll know when it’s done, because they will float to the top.

Serve immediately with truffle butter and Parmesan for a naughty treat or with some rustic tomato sauce.