5 Minute Beetroot Salad

5 Minute Beetroot Salad | Add A LittleAll you need is 5 ingredients and 5 minutes to create a delicious and easy side salad.

5 Minute Beetroot Salad | Add A LittleI love beetroots – not only do they provide the most gorgeous colour but I love the deep earthy taste they bring to any dish.
One of my favourite ways to eat them is raw in a salad. Grating the beets are lovely, but I also love them julienned or spiralised because they give a lovely crunch and they are so sweet!

The simple dressing with apple cider vinegar adds a lovely tang to the dish and makes the salad so addictive – I could easily eat all of it in one go!

5 Minute Beetroot Salad | Add A Little

5 Minute Beetroot Salad vegan, gluten free, dairy free

This is a super quick salad that packs a punch of flavour. You can easily add any herbs you like – parsley and coriander both work really well in the salad and taste super fresh. Capers also work well for a salty kick! The salad lasts well for a few days in the fridge, but be warned that a lot of liquid comes out of the sweet vegeatbles. I also love mixing this in with a simple kale salad.

3 beetroot, grated
1 large carrot, grated
Apple cider vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper, to taste
Fresh herbs, optional

Combine the beetroot and carrot and optional herbs.

Mix in apple cider vinegar and olive oil to taste, as well as the salt and pepper.

Let it marinade for a while in the fridge and serve when ready.

5 Minute Beetroot Salad | Add A Little

Link Love Sunday

Link Love Sunday | Add A Little

How’s everyone? I hope you’ve all been well! Seriously feels like autumn is falling upon us so quickly – the mornings are darker and it’s getting much cooler – seems like I’ve really felt it this weekend with my gravitation towards lots of soups and stews!

This potato salad with lentils, arugula and rosemary looks delicious!

It’s no secret I love dahl, so here’s a delicious looking spinach packed one!

This curried butternut squash lentil stew looks so warming!

This Thai zucchini soup is exactly what I love!

This maple miso roasted veg and quinoa bowl. Serious lunch goals.


I would like 10 of these tofu gua bao’s!

This kale and cashew pesto ticks all the boxes!

This is one dreamy salad!

This roasted garlic tahini dressing is calling my name.

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Zoodles with a Herb & Tahini Dressing

Zoodles with a Herb & Tahini Dressing | Add A LittleI seriously think this is one of my most beautiful posts – just look at the colour of all these beautiful vegetables!

Zoodles with a Herb & Tahini Dressing | Add A Little

Not gonna lie, there is a slight photo overload but I don’t even care because I could stare at these zoodles forever. Just imagine if I had some edible flowers on hand. *heart eye emoji*

Zoodles with a Herb & Tahini Dressing | Add A Little

Not only do these look incredible, but they taste amazing too! I’ve seriously been living off this recipe, plus a few add ins, ever since I got back to London!

Zoodles with a Herb & Tahini Dressing | Add A Little

So how’s everyone been? I can’t believe summer is pretty much over – I guess I was having so much fun that it went by like a flash!
I’m actually quite excited about Autumn though – not too cold that my circulation stops but also cool enough to layer up and be cozy!

Zoodles with a Herb & Tahini Dressing | Add A Little

Zoodles with a Herb & Tahini Dressing vegan, dairy free, gluten free
Serves 2

This is a beautiful and easy lunch idea. It makes the most of the wonderful summer produce and highlights all the flavours. The dressing gives it a nice creamy richness whilst the herbs lift the dish and add a nice spark of flavour. Feel free to add in any extra vegetables, I love adding cherry tomatoes as they add a lovely sweetness, but fruits like pomegranate works equally well to add a pop of colour and sweetness!

2 zucchini (any colour)
1 tbsp light tahini
1 tbsp lemon juice (or substitute with apple cider vinegar)
Water, to thin it out (start with a teaspoon and work your way up until desired consistency)
Herbs of your choice, I like coriander and parsley
A few radishes, sliced thinly
Sea salt and black pepper

To make the dressing, mix the tahini, lemon juice and water.

When fully combined, add the herbs and salt and pepper.

Leave the dressing to the side and spiralise your zucchini. You can also use a julienne peeler.

Mix the zoodles and the dressing and leave to ‘marinade’ for about 10 minutes so the zoodles soften slightly.

When ready to serve, top with radishes and remaining herbs, as well as any other vegetables or fruits.

Zoodles with a Herb & Tahini Dressing | Add A Little