Review: 26 Grains

Review: 26 Grains | Add A LittleI love porridge. Like seriously adore it. It’s pretty much a hug in a bowl and with so many different toppings to choose, the combinations are endless!

I heard about 26 Grains when it first opened and was intrigued by the concept of a café solely dedicated to porridge: it sounded amazing.
They are nestled in the wonderful Neal’s Yard and offer a selection of sweet and savoury porridges (as well as a few other dishes). The menu is the perfect size, offering plethora of choices.

We started off with the matcha almond milk lattes which were  so delicious. I’ve recently been getting into matcha lattes since I’m not the biggest fan of coffee and they are delicious, especially when made with almond milk that gives them a natural sweetness to offset the ‘green’ taste of the matcha!

Then we were onto the good stuff!

Review: 26 Grains | Add A Little

We settled for a savoury porridge bowl with kale, avocado, egg and sriracha. I had a bit of the creamy oats that were perfectly seasoned. Although the bowl itself may not seem too filling, looks can be deceiving! It was the perfect comforting bowl and savoury porridge is something that I’ve loved for a while. For those you haven’t tried it, it’s like a Japanese rice porridge or congee.

Review: 26 Grains | Add A Little

My dish filled with rainbows and textures. Amazing is an understatement. It was like an explosion in your mouth, in the best possible way.
The bowl was filled with quinoa, turmeric roasted cauliflower, samphire, pickles and the best beetroot hummus ever. I’m drooling just thinking about it now! I mean, the bowl really says it all.
I would highly recommend this bowl, I would travel there again just to get my hands on it.

I can’t believe I hadn’t gone to 26 grains earlier because although the concept sounds simple, it’s far from it! I can’t wait to go back and try the waffles and the buckwheat wrap *heart eye emoji*
Here’s the full menu for those of you that are interested!

Review: 26 Grains | Add A Little

26 Grains
Address: 2 Neal’s Yard, London WC2H 9DP
Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday: 8am-6pm, Friday: 8am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday: 10am-4pm


Link Love Sunday

Link Love Sunday | Add A Little

Finally nearing the holiday, just two more days! And super exciting news because I’m going to NEW YORK! I seriously so excited to look at every museum and go to all the restaurants and see all the sights… eeek! Let me know if you have any recommendations!

These Bahn mi spring rolls!

This sauteed quinoa is the perfect mix of delicious and healthy!

I love the sound of this roasted chicken green curry.

This veggie crumble sounds like my kinda jam!

My favourites in a bowl: tahini udon with charred eggplant.

This shaved cauliflower salad is stunning!

This zesty soba salad looks delicious!

I tried this olive and lentil hummus the other day and it was A+!

This soba with broccoli – give it to me!

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Link Love Sunday

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Couldn’t agree more with the statement 😉 Feels like this weekend has gone ridiculously quickly! I’m currently in the process of trying to redesign my site yada yada yada so you’re going to have to slightly bear with me for a while! Hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend!

These sesame soba noodles with smoked salmon sound amazing!

Breakfast tacos. Need I say more?

Love this farro and kale salad for school lunch!

The obsession with beans continues with this butterbean salad with citrus and pepitas!

Kale caesar with roasted chickpeas (fave) for lunch sounds like a plan!

Love the colours on this kitchen sink quinoa salad!

Chimichurri twice baked potatoes sounds like comfort!

So does this quinoa and chicken bowl with kale pesto!

White bean artichoke dip – YES.

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