Noodle Salad with an Asian Sesame Dressing

img_3397This noodle salad is so perfect for the holiday season. Yes, it’s the perfect time to eat everything in sight (including ALL the cookies and roast potatoes) but sometimes I feel like something a bit lighter.

This is such a quick and easy meal, taking 15 minutes (if that!) in total. Super easy for a packed lunch or just to make a huge bowl to share amongst friends. It’s delicious with some baked tofu or avocado stirred through as well.

The best part of it all has to be the dressing, packed with punchy flavours of savoury, smoky and sweet. Toasted sesame, one of my favourite ingredients gives a deep flavour whilst the Comvita Manuka honey gives a subtle sweetness.
(Also, just as a little tip, this honey and slices of ginger steeped in hot water is the best sore throat cute, definitely neccessary after a few too many nights out!)


Noodle Salad with an Asian Sesame Dressing dairy free, gluten free
Serves 2

This noodle salad is a quick meal full of fresh flavours. Elevate it by adding herbs like coriander and make it more filling by adding protein of your choice! The dressing also works perfectly on char grilled broccoli to make a nice side salad.

2 nests of thin rice noodles
1/4 English cucumber, sliced thinly or with a mandolin
Handful of dried wakame seaweed
Green vegetables e.g. sugarsnap peas, broccolli
Sesame seeds, for garnishing
Optional: herbs such as coriander and mint

4 tbsp toasted sesame oil
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1-2 tbsp honey (start with one and adjust to liking)
Grated fresh ginger, to taste
Pinch of chilli flakes

Boil  water in a kettle and put noodles in a pan. Cover the noodles with hot water and set aside for 10 minutes. (You do not need to cook them by turning on the stove, you just need to let them soak.)

While the noodles are soaking, also soak the wakame seaweed.

Prepare the rest of the vegetables by slicing them to manageable size.

Once noodles and wakame have soaked, drain them and rinse them with cold water.

Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl and stir as much dressing as needed.

Serve immediately.
If making in advance, keep all the ingredients separate and mix when serving.

This post was kindly sponsored by Comvita Manuka honey. I’ve always been a big fan of their products and I’m so happy I got to partner with them. All opinions are my own.


Sesame Soba Salad


Ever want to make something thats fresh and delicious but can’t be bothered to step into the kitchen?
Well this is the recipe for you!

Surprisingly, I had never actually had a soba salad until this one, which is pretty cray cray if you ask me because they are super duper delicious and also ridiculously easy. The hardest part is boiling water. CRAZY.

If you have any leftover, it’s amazing the next day if you bring lunch to work/ school.
This is DEFINITELY going to be made more often!

And on another note,I thought definitely was spelt definately for like forever… Like, what? I only recently started to spell it definitely because spell check was onto me!
Aaaaannnddd… I finally caved in and got twitter (like last month, but yeah – didn’t have the chance to mention it until now)! #obsessed. Follow me here!


Sesame Soba Salad vegan, gluten free and dairy free
Serves 4

1 pack soba noodles
Toasted sesame oil
Soy sauce
Sesame seeds

Optional add ins: nori sheets, spring onions, onions (but soak them in water for 30 mins if you decide to use them, it gets rid of the bitterness!)

Boil the water and cook noodles according to instructions.

While this is happening, prepare your dressing.

Once this is done rinse them under cold water.

Mix the sauce, noodles, and anything else you want to add in!