How To Eat Healthily During Exams – Snacks


Now, I know I said breakfast was my favourite meal of the day, and yes, it is my favourite meal, but I love snacking, there’s no denying it!
Here are some healthy, but delicious snacks that won’t leave you craving cookies and crisps, but rather, satisfied and ready to work! It’s great to have snacks on hand as you’re most likely to be hungry after and exam, and keeps you from raiding the vending machine!

I normally revise for about 45 minutes and have a snack during mid morning, like five one listed below!

Kale chips
One of my favourites, and you guys seem to be loving it too! All you need to do is put some kale in the oven with any flavourings of your choice for 20 minutes, and you’ve got a healthy, quick snack on your hands.

I love snacking on crunchy apples or juicy oranges, but you could always bring something easier, like blueberries or raspberries, that have minimal mess!

Carrots and cucumber with dips
It’s no secret that I am OBSESSED with hummus – it’s such a great snack full of protein and gets your daily veggie dose in! I’m yet to try making my own dips but found some delicious looking ones online, such as shutterbean’s Cilantro Hummus, Roasted Garlic Rosemary Pumpkin dip from Pinch of Yum or this amazing simple Baba Ganoush from Minimalist Baker

Nuts and seeds
Some if my favourites include cashews and almonds. You can make a trail mix to keep in your pocket to snack on throughout the day. They are great as they keep you feeling full. You can also roast them up with different flavours, like tamari and sesame! It’s also a great idea to make your own trail mix with nuts, coconut shreds, goji berries and dried cranberries.

I also love nut butters with banana – a match made in heaven!

Make sure to make it at home as its so easy. I use coconut oil and a touch of salt. I also love makinSo delicious and guilt free!

Not necessarily a snack, but Water
Just want to remind you to stay hydrated! This is so important as your brain needs water to function and make sure you’re drinking enough!
Keep a water bottle handy on your exam table at all times to make sure you’re drinking enough!

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Once again, good luck to you all!