Valencia Round Up

Valencia Round Up | Add A Little

So I’m back from Valencia… Aaaannnddd… It was amazing!

I’ve been there a few times before so I feel like I know the place quite well and thought I’d do a round up for you of a few of the places I ate!

Valencia Round Up | Add A Little


Mood Food
This restaurant (like many others) serve food fresh from the market with a new daily set menu each day (€13). The starters blew me away: ceviche and an Asian inspired tuna tartare, which were both fresh and bursting with flavour! The main slightly let me down as it was a paella made with noodles, crab and squid, which was over seasoned in my option, but the flavour of the crab was delicious!

La Utielana
This is definitely one of my top places to check out if you go to Valebcia – it’s just honest home cooking! The star dish was the roast lamb shank – it’s so tender, falls of the bone and literally melts in your mouth! The fish paella deserves a mention as well as the lentil soup (simple but so delicious and comforting!) Another bonus is that it’s super cheap here, be prepared to pay less than €10 per person – the generous lamb was only €7!

La Cigrona
It was my first time going to this restaurant so was unsure what to expect but it blew me away! It’s definitely become on of my top restaurants in Valencia. We got the set menu (€12) and every dish managed to taste perfect! I had the salad to start, which was lovely and light and the flavours of each vegetable shone through whilst my parents had tender grilled squid with black ink sauce. For the mains we got squid ink paella (to die for) as well as the Iberico pork which was so moist (how did they do it?!) Both dishes were incredible!

Bear in mind that the menu changes daily, but I’m sure whatever you get will be just as good!

Valencia Round Up | Add A Little

Other places to check out

The signature place to get churros con chocolate, but beware as the coffee isn’t great!

Pan Pan Atelier
Freshly baked bread each day, the croissants and flaky with a glaze on top that reminds me of the ones in Paris!

Valencia Round Up | Add A Little

Central Market
A market in Valencia filled with lots of fresh produce as well as fresh meat, fish, dried fruit, nuts and spices – you’ll find lots of bargains here and I got fresh fruit for breakfast daily. A special mention should go to the sweet and juicy Valencian oranges!
(open 7am until 3pm daily)

100 Montaditos
Good old 100 Montaditos is a quick stop if your hungry for a bite – many sandwiches are €1. My favourites are the Iberico ham and anchovies with green pepper – both in a warm mini baguette with extra virgin olive oil!

Have you ever been to Valencia? If so, what restaurants do you recommend? I’d love to hear your experiences!

Valencia Round Up | Add A Little