Link Love Sunday

Link Love Sunday | Add A Little

Finally nearing the holiday, just two more days! And super exciting news because I’m going to NEW YORK! I seriously so excited to look at every museum and go to all the restaurants and see all the sights… eeek! Let me know if you have any recommendations!

These Bahn mi spring rolls!

This sauteed quinoa is the perfect mix of delicious and healthy!

I love the sound of this roasted chicken green curry.

This veggie crumble sounds like my kinda jam!

My favourites in a bowl: tahini udon with charred eggplant.

This shaved cauliflower salad is stunning!

This zesty soba salad looks delicious!

I tried this olive and lentil hummus the other day and it was A+!

This soba with broccoli – give it to me!

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Roasted Green Beans

Roast Green Beans | Add A Little

Let’s be real for a sec, no one has time for boiled green vegetables at a thanksgiving table.

And that’s where roasting comes in! I feel like there’s always some overcooked vegetable, whether it’s green beans, sprouts or broccoli, that get’s overlooked everytime. Buuut, when you roast – it gives a whole new dimensions and everyone will be fighting for the last green bean!

Roast Green Beans | Add A Little

Although I don’t celebrate thanksgiving, I always make these beans as they’re such a perfect healthy snack (better than fries in my opinion- and guilt free!)

Roast Green Beans vegan, gluten free, dairy free
Serves 2

This is a simple guideline for how to roast green beans, but feel free to add any other flavours – I love adding garlic, but it’s fresh and zesty with some lemon juice and zest and moreish with some parmesan grated over!

2 handfuls of green bean
Sea salt
Himalayan pink salt

optional: thinly sliced garlic, parmesan, lemon juice and zest, almonds (to sprinkle on top)

Preheat your oven to 180ºC.

Coat the beans with olive oil and salt.

Spread evenly on a baking tray (try to make sure they’re fairly separated so they can get crispy).

Roast in the oven for about 15 minutes – turning halfway through.

Roast Green Beans | Add A Little

How To Eat Healthily During Exams – Lunch


If you haven’t seen my other posts in my Eat Healthily During Exams series, check out my breakfast, dinner and snacks posts!

I make sure to try and eat protein and whole grains at lunch as this keeps me more full and make sure to eat lots of vegetables. This will keep your brain going and provide you withs energy and the complex carbohydrates will keep you fuller for longer.

I also make my lunches the day beforehand so that I just put it all together in the morning.

Couscous Salad
This can also be made with quinoa, which is equally delicious
I also make this and add roast vegetables, such as courgette and aubergine.

Salmon with brown rice and barley
I roast the salmon the night before simply with salt and have it with brown rice and barley (I cook it together as I love the flavours and the texture). If I want to make it a bit more special, I marinade it in the morning!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, salad. how boring. But no! Salad can be delicious and filling, not just limp, lifeless salad leaves. I LOVE kale salads and they’re so versatile, you can really add anything and if you have some extra time on the weekend, why not make a delicious falafel salad! I love adding beans (chickpeas and black beans are my beans of choice), lots of vegetables and you can also add grains.

I don’t regularly have sandwiches, as I’ve had packed lunch my whole life and kind of OD’d throughout primary school but every now and then I love a good hearty sandwich.
I love using more filling breads like rye or 100% wholewheat with seeds.
Some of my favourite fillings and grated carrot and hummus (so good), tuna with tomatoes, cucumbers etc (mayo can sometimes be a bit cloying, so I sometimes use Greek yoghurt), mashed chickpeas.

I also love making noodles as they taste great cold. It’s so easy to make a simple tahini sauce peanut butter and sriracha sauce to put in a container and drizzle it on at lunch! It’s also a great way to add loads of fresh crunchy vegtables, like shaved carrot, bell peppers and cucumbers. I love making noodles with peanut sauce,vegetables and plenty of herbs for a Thai twist! Here’s another one of my favourite sesame soba salads.

With my lunch, I always bring lots of raw vegetables.
I love tomatoes, sugar snap peas and cucumbers as they are super hydrating.

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