Japanese Style Popcorn


I’ve got a new obsession!

I recently got to go to the One Direction premiere and it was SO crazy, I can’t even explain! I got to go on the red carpet and all and it was really fancy! I even got snapped by the paps! Ooh!

Anyway, your probably wondering why I’m babbling on (as usual), but I was going to say I got free popcorn when I got into the cinema – yay for free food!
It really got me into popcorn, and did you know its practically a super food? It’s 100% wholegrain, packed with polyphenols and fibre and low cal if you make it the healthy way!
Instead of going for the usual butter and salt, I went a little experimental!

I cooked (wait is cooked even the right term?) it on my stovetop with extra virgin olive oil and added Japanese seasonings after! It was so delicious – my mum couldn’t resist!


This isn’t really a recipe but just a delicious pairing!

Japanese Style Popcorn vegan, gluten free, dairy free
Serves 1

Olive oil
Black sesame seeds

Heat olive oil in a pan.

Add pop corn and PUT THE LID ON IT!! (And don’t open it – I can stress this enough!)

Add seasoning and sesame seeds.

For more delicious popcorn recipes:
Tracy’s Mexican Popcorn
Izy’s Samoa Popcorn
Jessica’s Bacon Popcorn



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