Link Love Sunday

Link Love Sunday | Add A Little
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It’s been quite a calm week around these parts but time seems to be flying by – hows it been for you?
Also, guess who’s birthday is tomorrow 😉 *woop woop* I’m not doing anything special but I’m planning a little gathering with food (obviously, what else!) next weekend (I’m thinking maybe a make your own burrito bowl kinda deal? or a potluck? so many ideas!)

This asparagus and pea soup reminds me of spring!

Sweet ‘n’ sour green juice!

This Thai style salmon chowder is just like wow.

What a gorgeous salad!

These roasted baby artichokes with pearl onions look like the perfect salad topper!

Garden inspiration right here!

Yes to this vegetarian paella!

This sweet potato gnocchi with wild garlic sage pesto – fancy!

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