Link Love Sunday

Link Love Sunday | Add A Little

Wow it’s been a crazy week! The highlight was the insane workout I did yesterday at Core Collective (literally dripping with sweat) but I got that major endorphin rush after which was awesome! I’m also off to see an art exhibition today which should be fun (so cultured 😉 ) I’ve also got a new vlog up – keep an eye out because it’s (hopefully!) going to be a weekly thing!

This would be my dream breakfast (pictured above)!

This vegan lasagna makes me weep tears of joy.

I love this dish of arepas with avocado and plantains!

Love the look of these salsa verde lentil tacos with a fruity pico!

Everything about this dish is JUST. SO. RIGHT.

Love the sound of this grilled zucchini and eggplant dip with tahini!

This lentil split pea falafel bowl sounds perfect!

Is there anything cauliflower can’t do?!

Dying at the look of this roasted pumpkin and bortolli bean salad!

This potato salad is so pretty!

These soba noodles with aubergine and mango sound like the ideal meal!

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