Link Love Sunday

Link Love Sunday | Add A Little

How has everyone’s week been? Mine’s been good but VERY busy (I’ve got two huge deadlines next week! 😮 ) but I did get to go to some galleries this weekend which made up!
Now that the mornings are getting much crisper (aka icy) I’m in need of major comfort food, so here’s some I chose this week!

This roasted kuri squash sounds like fall!

I love the sound of this salad with pearl cous cous and roasted squash!

I would like a big bowl of these red lentils with kale, coconut and crispy shallots please.

This lentil and sweet potato curry seems like a warm blanket on a cold day!

I will never say no to a veggie burger!

This Thai coconut soup looks incredible! (pictured)

Another kuri squash salad, with kale!

This pad thai salad is definitely being made for lunch next week!

These sweet potato noodles with cashew sauce? I’ll dive right in!

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