Japanese Spinach and Mushroom Bowl


So… Sorry for the lack of posts… I’ve kind of been away to to the wonderful city of Paris (check out my Instagram feed for picture spam)!

Anyway, I’ve been craving vegetables like a mad man. After going on holiday I’m always like ERMAGAHD I NEED VEGETABLES. And for some reason, this time I was craving spinach. I also wanted something healthy and warm because it’s SO BLOODY COLD in London (I basically turned into a nice cube as soon as I got back from Paris).
Oh, and I also think I’m getting a cold so I’m trying to get a multitude of vitamins into me.

So this recipe is healthy, hearty, filling and most of all delicious! It’s got amazing Asian flavours thanks to the ginger and garlic. I think it would be perfect as lunchtime he next day too 🙂 Oh, and it’s vegan!

Japanese Spinach and Mushroom Bowl vegan, gluten free, dairy free
Serves 1

Brown rice (I used a mix of brown, white and barley)
4 mushroom, sliced
A few handfuls of spinach
Frozen peas that have been cooked.
1 small clove of garlic, crushed and chopped
Small knob of ginger, julienned
Salt and pepper
Extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil

Put oil, ginger and garlic in a cold pan and slowly heat it so the oil takes on the aromatic flavour.

Add mushrooms and cook for a few minutes, adding salt and pepper to taste.
Add more oil if needed, as mushrooms absorb oil quickly.

Add spinach for the last minute as it cooks quickly.

At the very end, add the peas so they take on some of the flavour.
Season more if liked.

Portion rice into a bowl and spoon over the filling and serve immediately.



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